Virtual Conscience NOW!

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    Virtual Conscience Plus!

    Affordable support for coaching clients who want additional input, advice and a regular boost of confidence...

    Support for existing coaching clients, when they reach their goals. This is the most cost effective way of staying on target and accountable.

    You explain what extra support you need. You decide on the interval - typically every four weeks.)
    I'm then in contact in a variety of ways e.g.
      • a personalised email,
      • a note,
      • a postcard,
      • a text,
      • a video message,
      • a book,
      • a fridge magnet.... all aimed to prompt, focus and encourage you.
    In addition, we arrange a brief call to check your progress. I give you the nudge you need to stay on track.

    Your Virtual Conscience?
    Your Digital Check-up!

    You can also download FREE information - a series of web Pdf documents, with regular features and updates all with my compliments. 
    You'll automatically be signed-up for my fortnightly confidence tips again for free, saving up to £88 per year.
      •   Let me be your conscience to achieve your goals,
      •   Give you the nudge you need to stay on track,
      •   Sign-up for Virtual Conscience Plus today!

    What do you do next?

    Simply mail me to set up. Why not try it for a quarter? You'll love the difference!

    Payment is by Paypal or BACS (we'll mail you the details.) 

    Fees are quoted ex-VAT.

    Virtual Conscience NOW!

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