Love your Life, Survive the System

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    Love your Life... Survive the System

    A Resource to Help Teachers Gain Control of their Lives - The Happiness Curriculum

    "A fantastic book that avoids educational jargon and employs good old fashioned plain speaking. I like the common sense approach and the use of stories particularly the story of "Teddy and Mrs Thompson!" It does rather remind you why we are in this great profession. I really like the 'Seven Ways to be a Cool Cat' many of the concepts I already try to adhere to but some have focused me on improving those aspects of our characters/leadership that need a bit more TLC!! I have enjoyed reading about ensuring the profession doesn't take over our lives and I am making sure I spend as much playtime with my own family and friends now more often.An excellent self-help book that organises, improves and most of all inspires!"

    Posted by head teacher, Gareth Morris on Amazon

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    Love your Life, Survive the System

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