The Business of Professional Speaking

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    Do you need to become a more confident and persuasive speaker or presenter? Or do you aspire to be a more polished professional in the communications industry? Then you need this new jazzy Pdf, "Inject your DNA!" 

    Simply download this chapter as a preview to the content of Eilidh's new co-authored book on how to develop and grow a more professional speaking business. Gain expert advice from a top speaker on how to present with more confidence. It's the essential guide to speaking with pizzazz.

    Revealed: the Secrets of How to Build a Successful and Memorable Talk... How to Engage your Audience and Improve your Business Presentations.

    However, the complete book is really for anyone in business as are there are chapters on:

    1. Reputation Management,
    2. Sales and Marketing,
    3. Client engagement,
    4. How to write and use books,
    5. Client retention,
    6. Managing your state on and off stage,
    7. Presenting with confidence,
    8. The art of storytelling,
    9. PowerPoint Surgery,
    10. Being Authentic,
    11. Maximizing your revenue,
    12. Making conscious choice,
    13. If you want to be a successful speaker, this book will take you there! This unique collection of tips and strategies from one of the UK's most successful speakers will show you exactly how to: become known as a 'speaker of choice', make more money every time you speak, generate lots more speaking engagements, deliver more compelling, entertaining and memorable speeches...

    Eilidh's is chapter available today.

    Special download just 10p for next 30 days. 

    The Business of Professional Speaking

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