DISC - Dealing with Change, Difficult People & Time Management


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Dealing with Change & Difficult People,  

Time Management, 

Goal Setting

DISC Personality Profiling

Eilidh uses a variety of training methods coupled to anecdotal evidence to help clients learn how to better relate to different personality types in a fun and interactive way. Her confidence strategies deliver common sense solutions for everyday problems and based on life experience, making her programmes provable and invaluable.

The aim of all these sessions is to assist delegates to see the behaviour patterns in other people; to be more understanding and successful in everything they do. The most normal and ordinary thing is to see the world from our own perspective; the most extra-ordinary thing is to see life from the perspective of others. 

Every behaviour style has strengths and weaknesses. The sessions identify and enhance your productivity via:

  • Your ability to communicate,
  • Your self-awareness,
  • You rapport skills,
  • Your values,
  • Your core drivers,
  • Your basic and adaptive behaviour.

These confidence workshops have tremendous long lasting impact. They are humour-filled, fast-paced and content rich sessions; relevant to education, home and the corporate world.