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Your Life, Your Pace, Your Way!

Eilidh Milnes

Your life, your pace, your way... what a great 'modus operandi' for a care provider... indeed for us all. Now we love to personalise and brand materials for our customers. So we've created this image using my client's tag-line for their upcoming training event. And the company's phrase, got me to thinking... does this not encapsulate happiness? Is it not up to each and everyone of us to decide what to do in the future?

1. Do I want to fly a kite?

2. If so, how high?

3. When, where and how?


Which segues seamlessly to my new CCG Podcast. If your life, your pace, your way falls in line with your goals and how you see life how do you ensure success? Tune in to my new interview with goal-setting expert David Hyner. 

How to Set and Achieve Massive Goals?

During the Podcast, David explains, "Most people will do the easy stuff first and therefore the big stuff that scares them is at the end when their time, energy, motivation and resources are at their least so if we attack the big scary blocks at the beginning, the things we don’t understand the research, overcoming hurdles, picking up the phone if we don’t like picking up the phone, doing the horrible things first, if we get all of those out of the way while our time, energy, motivation and resources are at their greatest, our goal can only therefore get easier.

EM: That makes jolly good sense. I know where I’m coming from on this but I’m going to ask you a question and then tell you my tuppence worth. Do you still focus on the to-do list?

DH: I pulled this off my wall. This is a pyramid for a project I’m doing. I put a to-do list into what I call a pyramid or a triangle and I put each task on my list, the hardest things into the bottom rows and blocks. That way if you cross the scariest things off first you’re crossing off the foundation blocks and then the least important towards the top. Now, I’ve got about three or four pyramids on the go. One is my daily or weekly list and then I’ve got others for very specific large goals I’m working on. I’ve got this visual reference to my goals stuck to the wall, shrunk down on my phone, my laptop, even on the sun visor of my car sometimes if it is a personal goal and if I’ve got a spare moment, instead of wasting my time playing Candy Crush or Solitaire like I used to do, now I will look at the pyramid and go, is there something I could do right now that will help me cross off that block?" Here's full interview transcription.

Every day if you can do just one thing that will take you closer to your goal you will be more effective than most people walking this earth.


Here's a range of materials for you to save for later. First up is Simon Sinek on The Millennial Question. Then for fun, the delightful robot assistant PEEQO by Abhishek Singh. If you're feeling philosopical, check out Carl Sagan's Pale Blue Dot and finally I've created this brand new Pdf with links to 7 Ted Talks which explore the topic of success esp. when applied to goal-setting.  

7 Ted Talks to Help You Achieve Your Goals 7 Ted Talks to Help You Achieve Your Goals (1467 KB) 

OK that's it for this edition. Want to read more? Then check out The Confidence Blog or Back Copies of Confidence Strategies. Thank you, as always, Eilidh