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World Speech Day 2016

Eilidh Milnes
World Speech Day Mar 15 2016

Deepak Lodia is an Ambassador for World Speech Day #WSD. He reached out over social media, "Will you record a video for #WSD Eilidh?"  

The Brief was Simple...

1) Think of a speech (or in particular a line within a speech) that has had an impact upon you.

2) Record a video (no more than 2 minutes long) using the following template:

  • Recite the line that made an impact
  • Quote the speech, who gave it and where you first heard it
  • Introduce yourself
  • Tell the viewer what impact that line or speech had on you
  • Wish every one a happy World Speech Day

Below is a still from my footage shot by Georgia Radcliffe, the latest member of our confidence team. WTS! This young talent will go far. You can view the brand new 2 min. clip and feel free to like or comment :)

Eilidh Milnes still shot of presentation

When my friend and media professional Michael Dodd heard I was recording footage he shared three reminders and I'm always open to expert tips. Michael's an antipodean, a 'Top Aussie Bloke' and great coach. As you can see from this still shot I'm embracing his methodology for hand gestures. Here's his advice:

What To Do With Your Body...When Talking To The Camera...

Appearing On Television... Or Giving A Presentation...

#1  Keep your hands up and open (signalling nothing to hide)

#2 Ensure gestures are smooth and flowing (like good TV weather forecasters)

#3 Facial expressions should match your content (so smile when appropriate) 

Ever Smiling!

As you read this, I'll be smiling ear-to-ear as I'm speaking aboard The Black Watch. Jay and I will be making our way to Bali via Sydney. (Want to see pics and snippets of our 14 days afloat? Just shoot a request for Facebook... or Facey it's fondly referred to Downunder!

You can get more of Michael's tips on his blog. And my jazzy new Speaking Confidence Pdf "Leave Your DNA..." is free for you to download from the footer below.

Catch up with you at the end of the month me hearties! 

Ever Positive, Eilidh 

(of course just drop me a line if you need ideas, inspiration or information in the meantime).