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Winning Words - I, We, You

Eilidh Milnes

Graphic Winning with Words

Last week a conversation with a client reminded me of the power of words. Pete has been on the receiving end of particularly negative feedback, which was delivered without consideration of the impact it would have. Pete feels devastated, demotivated and determined to move on. He's seeking a new position. Seems Pete's boss does not understand the power of words. His lack of thoughtfulness means another company will now gain Pete's many talents.

"I", "We," "You"

Every time you use "You" it's an expression of respect; rather like a gift to the person you're speaking to. "You" is like honey on the ears.  One of the most profound ways to change your posture; the way you engage with your family, colleagues and clients is to change the way you implement these three pronouns.

  • When you're tempted to take the credit, use "we" instead of "I".
  • When you're looking to avoid responsibility, use "I" instead of "we".
  • And, every time you're tempted like to depersonalize the impact of your actions, use "you," while looking the other person in the eye. Words matter. They carry such power. To quote Maya Angelou, "Words get into your wallpaper, your drapes your rugs... and eventually they get into you". Are your words positive, supportive and encouraging?

Fun and Quirky!

Would you like any of these new inventions? Check out BrightSideMe. For me it's the removable heels! Thanks to Evgeniya Sharp for the share.

Ted Talk

With more than 15 million viewers, one of the most significant TED talks of recent years and wholly relevant to the power of communication is Dan Pink on What Motivates?

Thought Provoking Footage 

A viral video which oddly enough Jay found on Facebook. It supports the importance of getting closer with the  "I, we, you" of today's message. Click here.

A Previous Edition

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See you back here on March 15th - expect a slightly different format.

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