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Waggly Breath! How to Live Life with Passion!

Eilidh Milnes

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Sometimes Finley gets too excited for words. He takes in such a deep breath his mouth wobbles. It takes on a life of its own yet nothing comes out. It just waggles! I don't think it's because he's lost for words (sometimes he's just processing; shall I speak German or English) I believe it's because he is overwhelmed by excitement. Yes, our wee grandson of some three years stuns all those around him with his eagerness for life and all its wonderment. Toddlers can teach us much. When was the last time you got so excited you were lost for words? Have waggly breath today! More motivation here.

Smart Thinking? Do Better!

'Try harder' is something you often tell a child. After a while though, lose interest in 'harder.' It's the same with your teams. You can berate folks all you like about trying harder, however sooner or later, they will turn their ears back-to-front and quite simply choose not to hear you.

At times like these, be like our clever German daughter-in-law Sarah; use 'try better' instead. Learn a new approach; that of better, not harder. Something's improved in translation don't you think?

Ted Talking

Last month I shared the stage with fellow speaker and leadership expert Nigel Girling of the Babington Group. (more of that anon)  We both love to share the best Ted Talks. Here's one I watched on my flight from Singapore last month. Now it's in my favourites. Enjoy Andrew Stanton's "The Clues to a Great Story" I'm still laughing at his goat joke set-up! 

"Tschuss" or 'Bye for now. Till next time. #everpositive Eilidh 07876 786 784