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Time Management Strategies, What's the Number 1 Time Waster?

Eilidh Milnes

It's widely accepted that clutter is a huge drain on your productivity. 

Losing or misplacing things is the absolute number one time waster. How often can you not find what you're looking for because of an untidy workplace? 

Top Ten Time Wasters Top Ten Time Wasters (191 KB)

Ever lost your house keys? (Check out Track your Keys) How does it make you feel? Stressed? Annoyed? Frustrated? Clearing the clutter, be that mental or physical is hugely powerful.  So as many of us return to work after a holiday, let me share some ideas.

Interview with Australia's Leading Business Consultant

Start by listening to this new interview with Winston Marsh my expert speaker colleague from Melbourne. We're discussing perfectionism and sharing tips how how to be more productive.

Next get rid of anything that causes clutter. At home seek out clothes you haven't worn for over a year; ornaments hiding in the back of closets; junk that accumulates in drawers. Be brutal! All this 'stuff' blocks your effectiveness, so take control. Donate to charity, have a garage sale, or sell on eBay. 

Apply the same principle at work. Clear your desk. Archive!  Keep your immediate environment filled only with current, important things. Look at the items on your desk. Ask yourself, "Is this a keeper?" If you're not good at this elimination task, delegate it to someone who is; or in my case marry a marvellous man who can! 

We're taking our own good advice and tidied up both virtually and in real-time. Exciting things are afoot at it's faster, fresher, and friendlier. We've created this new ezine template too. Stay tuned for further developments. 

Top Tip #TripleF 

Read my favourite time management productivity tip. The new Confidence Blog format makes it easy for you to read, use the tags, comment and share. See below. I'd love you to do so.... if you have time of course.  Thank you. 

Ted Talk 

So what's the magic solution? Why's time so fascinating? Watch Philip Zimbardo's Ted Talk - a healthy take on time. He has an interesting perspective...

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