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Time Management and Mobile Phones

Eilidh Milnes

Two alarming statistics about phone users 

A few months ago, when I bought my new iPhone the salesman gave me four pieces of amusing and slightly disconcerting information:

On average people check their phones between 82 and 110 times per day,
More people own a mobile phone than own a toothbrush, 
90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of being delivered,
The average person has their phone within reach 14 hours a day.

Then I read an article by Greg McKeown on LinkedIn, "One thing productive people do before reaching for their phones..." And the statistic he quotes is that people check their phone on average 110 times a day. Some people checked it as much as 900 times a day; that's once every minute of every waking hour of the day. 

In short, the piece suggests that before you reach for your phone pick up your pocket book or notebook. As someone who uses notebooks on a daily basis I have to agree. You could read more about one aspect of note taking that I find particularly helpful on my post: Your 365 Achievement Diary a Great Boost for Confidence and Efficiency.

Write less

Greg suggests within his post, "Write One Sentence Every Day. If you chose to create this new habit, use the counter-intuitive yet effective method: write less than you feel like writing. Typically, when people start to keep a journal they write many pages the first day. Then by the second and third days the prospect of writing so much is daunting. They procrastinate or abandon the exercise completely. So instead, even if you feel like writing reams, force yourself to write no more than one sentence a day. Apply the disciplined pursuit of 'less but better' to your diary."

What one sentence will your write today? Do it now!
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