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Thinking Makes it So!

Eilidh Milnes
Positive Postcard Make your Own Luck

Lucky or Unlucky?

The business cards were dropped into the organiser's glass bowl. One of cards was about to be pulled out and the owner given an astonishingly good opportunity to pitch to the assembled delegates.  At least 80% of the attendees had their heads down, willing it not to be them... but not me! I was inwardly saying, "Pull out my card! Make it mine!" And guess what? That's exactly what they did! And that 2 minute pitch, led me to some wonderful work, plus this tremendous testimonial, "Within two minutes of meeting Eilidh, I knew I wanted her involved in boosting staff morale - that's the sort of impact she has on people!" Jon-Maslen-Jones, Compass Group.

What is Good Fortune? 

And can you make your own luck? Well Shakespeare in Hamlet says, "There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so..." I like to think that when it come to good luck there's nothing like thinking to make it so. I even think myself lucky when I guy raffle tickets and it won't surprise you to know that I often win; especially when I really like the look of the prize!

Do You Have a Parking Angel?

Do you usually find a good parking slot? Do you expect to? There’s a direct correlation between the belief that a car parking space will be available and the space being free.
If you’ve not yet tried this belief yet, try it and see for yourself. Just take your time, never be in a rush. Always let pedestrians cross if they need to, or cars come out in front of you. Think of it as paying the ticket in advance.

Experimenter Expectancy Effects

Consider the research of  Robert Rosenthal and his ‘experimenter expectancy effects’ It's fascinating. If you are doubting the validity of my actions, the article might convince you. And when you begin to think, this might just be something for you ask yourself: What would you like to be true? Are you expecting it to be? Have you visualised? Might it be worthwhile doing so? Thinking maybe does make it so!

I Dare YOU

There’s a direct correlation between the belief that a car parking space will be available and the space being free. What not give it a go and see for yourself? Here's how it works for me... In life,  I expect the outcomes I want – and they show up. Might it be worthwhile doing so? I believe so, do you? Go on then...I dare ya!