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The Power of Words, The Art of Communication

Eilidh Milnes

"Be mindful of what you say," she said...

"Be a good-finder! Don't find fault in others, as you'll most likely find you have that fault yourself..."

A wise woman

The above quote is from my mother, Nancy McArthur. She was the most positive of people despite her life challenges. She was a compulsive "finder of good" and a joy to live with. She knew about the power of positive affirmations; although she would never have used this term.  Mum simply had the ability to sprinkle magic dust wherever she went.

Vive la France

Recently I was at a fabulous conference in Paris #AFCP2014. During a networking break I had the pleasure to meet Alicia Berberich. As we chatted she mentioned Kay White and true to her word Alicia has sent me information to connect us. 

The Power of Three

Speakers often use words in threes. It's a psychological fact that our brains processes information well when grouped this way. Kay's  White's Blog has a clever feature "Three Words" She says, "Everyday you’ll find three powerful, inspiring and positive words for you. For years now people use them to inspire themselves, their teams and they’re sometimes just the prompt you need on that particular day."  And today's triplet is Active, Active, Amusing. Do check out Kay's website.

The power of three is used as a technique in persuasive writing and speaking; it's a superb presentation technique. The rule of three is based on the fact that people tend to remember three things. Orators such as Obama use it in every speech. You'll recall it in:

In Julias Caesar
“Friends, Romans, Countrymen”

In Road Safety
“Stop, Look and Listen”

In the Movies
“The good, the bad and the ugly”

What are your three words for today? 

Mine are Excited, Agile, Energised thanks to a great conversation today with Michelle Zal at CIPD.

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