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The Phone Call

Eilidh Milnes
The Phone Call - Mum's Taxi Tale

The Storyteller's Story

Usually it's me telling you a tale with learning point attached. However, this evening when surfing some old files on my Mac laptop I came across this little write up by Catriona. She is recalling one of my less then perfect parent moments...


Teach Them Independence

Yep, Mum sure taught us about using public transport...and  it sure came in handy a few years later. 
Let me tell you the story, about when I received a phone call late at night from my Dad saying "Your mother has lost the car keys... you need to bring us the spare set". 
Now they were in Scotland visiting my aunt and uncle. Me? I was sitting at home in my pj's watching a movie... hundreds of miles away!

So I raid my mothers cash stash and buy myself a train ticket to sunny Scotland! I jump on a bus to the station... 4 trains, 3 busses, endless amounts of pringles, magazines and hot chocolates later and the odd sprint across platforms, I finally arrive in Glasgow where my uncle picks me up and drives the rest of the way to Dunoon. 

And you know the crazy thing? Literally an hour after I step in the door at Foxbank, my aunt's guesthouse, my mum finds the car keys in her suitcase!! Unbelievable! What an adventure! And what an ending! The reaction from the family remains unforgettable to this day.

Ohhh yes its all true!  I'll never forget the look on my Dad's face either,  when my mum came down the stairs with the car keys in her hand, It was priceless! 
My Dad tells the his half of the story very well too... the part when he explains how he had re-walked the 3 mile moutain hike they'd just been on because he thought that's where he and Uncle Ron had lost them!  Mum had made them think that maybe they had lost the keys!!! 

My parent's love runs deep!!

What's the Moral of the Story?

Well, I never would have had such fun if I'd always used 'Mum's Taxi' 

And my P.S? Give your children freedom to explore; to gain independence. One day like me, you might be very grateful you did! 

Ever Positive, Eilidh
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