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Smile at the Sunshine and Catch the Rainbows

Eilidh Milnes

Word Smiles Day 7th October 2016

Friday 7th October is World Smile Day - a date I love to acknowledge. More here.  In 1963, Harvey Ball an artist from Worcester, USA created the smiley face. His image has become the most recognizable symbol of good will and cheerfulness on planet Earth. It makes me recall this situation.

World Smile Day 2016

Imagine this!

Your flight B198, has just been cancelled! For a few seconds you run a gamut of emoticons from total disbelief to anger. Then you put on your energy into finding a solution.

The airline offers a full refund, hotel accommodation but no guarantee of new flight; OR to independently identify an alternative carrier. We opt for the latter. Mr & Mrs Milnes have but one objective in mind, to find a replacement flight.

Second in the business class queue we're soon processed and supplied with the carrier's authorisation form. We immediately set off to find an alternative airline.  With courtesy, determination and a many a smile, we negotiate first class seats with Emirates; plus qualify for delay compensation! High-five! Result! Smiles create the unexpected. Recognise that challenges are going to happen then alter your attitude. By smiling, you are able to transform any negative situation.  


It was a trip of extremes. Some passengers took action others stood paralysed. Some found flights; others faced uncertainty. Some were in the chaos in the departure hall; others in the quiet calm of the Emirates Lounge. There were negative people and positive people. Some who thought the worst and others who even negotiated an amazing upgrade! Do you know the menu is a la carte and on demand in first class? >>she grins>>

What does this story illustrate?

  • Agility, quick-wits and positivity create opportunities.   
  • A confident reaction has a profound effect on the outcome.
  • With a SMILE harnessed to a can-do attitude you boost your happiness quotient to the power of n.

What's Made You Smile Recently? 

I'd love to know... for me it was when my good friends Andy Lopata, Peter Roper and Mindy Gibbins-Klein asked me to help them celebrate the 10th Birthday of their book. I was delighted to contribute to their blog "And Death Came Third!. It’s a catchy book title with rich content on public speaking and networking. On Kindle it's only £1.99.

EasyMoods™ Smile Promotion 

Use - smile - as the code to claim your 20% discount on all our mood boosting products. Valid until 31st October. To browse the range simply click here. 

The Confidence Blog on my speaking site now has at least 38 links to some of my favourite TedTalks. I'm in the process of chunking these as lists of five. No media download found. This is the first one for you to download now. 

Smile! Why it matters in marketing - Winston Marsh

Are You Making the Most of Social Media? - David Lomas

6 Signs Your People Are Not Holding Themselves Accountable - Dr Lynda Shaw

Who Would You Most Like To Have Dinner With? - watch and smile

As my friend Anne Moore said, "Smile at the sunshine and catch the rainbows". What a super way of looking at life; one I reckon we can all hold in our hearts in the weeks ahead.

#EverPositive Eilidh


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