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Seen the Light?

Eilidh Milnes
Seen the light

Navigating Dangerous Waters 

Growing up as I did in a small village on the West Coast of Scotland. lighthouses were a common feature. The beacon staunchly guarded the River Clyde. It was located at an important and dangerous section of the estuary and helped ships and boats navigate the dangerous waters.

Lighthouses mark treacherous coastlines and do this not only by light but sound too. And thinking back, it is the sound I most recall. Many's an evening, I'd bury my head in my pillows in an attempt to block out the repetitive eerie sound that boomed its warning and echoed across the river. Often the horn would stop me from falling asleep. I'd toss and turn and get annoyed. 

You're in Control

Until I remembered that I was in control of what bothered me. Why was I letting this disturb me? Instead of being cross I developed a different strategy. I counted the seconds between the blasts, I made up phrases to go with the rhythm and chose to hear the sound as comforting rather than a nuisanceAnd by choosing the see the fog-horn in a positive way, to acknowledge that was there to save and protect lives and to accept that is was actually a comforting part of my environment. Life is all about choice and actions. Click here for more.... Are Problems Bad?