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Putting the "if" in Difference

Eilidh Milnes

Image of London Eye

Tombstones stand as testament that people desire to be remembered. And if you want to be recalled favourably in this life, I suggest you develop the habit of being interested as opposed to interesting. The former focuses on others, the latter features you.

  1. If you want a more productive team, be interested in whatever is important to your people.
  2. If you want to be a more cohesive family, be interested - especially at mealtimes. Folks who eat and play together stay together. 
  3. If you want to be a great leader, take out the "I"  and be both - interesting and interested.

Talking tombstones makes me think of Sir Terry Wogan who sadly died on Sunday. He brightened many a morning in The Milnes Household. He truly embraced his audiences. For five decades, it was evident this warm-heated family man was genuinely interested in his listeners. There's been a tsunami of plaudits for the "leg-end". Many of the comments have praised his style of presenting; his use of silence, pauses and ability to be spontaneous; skills all speakers can learn from. Wogan didn't like to rehearse, he understood the power of the NOW... do you?

I recall the veteran BBC broadcaster, hailed as a National Treasure saying,

"Behind every successful man... is a woman who needs a new dress!". Roaring with laughter at his quick wit, I immediately planned an addition to my wardrobe! I'll smile with affection, each time I use this quote; my personal homage to an exceptional human being. It's also my #TweetOfTheWeek.

Sir Terry died of cancer. Today, February 4th is World Cancer Day. Wogan inspired millions to give to good causes. IF you're of a mind, there's still time to buy a charity unity band. It WILL make a difference.

Happy Un-birthday!

February 4th is also my birthday! It's our family tradition to give un-birthday gifts. Be amongst the first to view new this content and pick up a confidence tip or two. Click Talking Confidence. See what talented young students at Mid-Cheshire College created last week. And of course I'd love you to like, comment and share! 

High Five Tom Marland and Rich Cairns (and their lecturer Emma Walters). The clip was recorded in one take then edited by the boys - a professional finish! If you need some footage why not reach out to your local college?

If you want to make family, friends and clients feel special remember their birthdays! Thanks Waitrose :)

Save 20%

Do you know that we can now invoice you ex-VAT? That's a saving of 20% if you're a private client or not registered to claim back the tax element. 

Ted Talk 

What makes compelling viewing? Well in many cases it involves embracing alternative ideas. Check out  "Black Sheep Wanted"! Your Ted Talk fix for this edition is Tony Robbins: Why we do what we do.        


If you're in this sector check out The  SheShowSouth. Responding to feedback, Nigel Girling and I are planning something very different for you! 

App of the Week

My app. recommend to keep your life in sync; and track productivity using your "To-do's" is Wunderlist.

OK have a fabulous February, plan something cool for your bonus leap-year-day! Maybe visit the London Eye! Me? I'm off a-cupcaking now!  If you need me just call or drop a line. Thank you.  

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