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Problems are opportunities in high viz vests - a true story

Eilidh Milnes

Problems are opportunities in high viz vests - a true story

"Problems are possibilites in high viz vests"  *Eilidhism

There I was at Gate 42 Hong Kong Airport ready to board the Cathay Pacific flight to Brisbane. where I met Eugene. We exchanged pleasantries (and ultimately business cards) as fellow travellers do. He then went on to me this tale.

"...I was in the London. I'd lost my wallet. I was concentrating on cancelling my credit cards; very annoyed with myself; frustrated by the problems I had created," Euge recalled." Australian's love to shorten names. And it appears to me, as you transit across the country, that at any one time 80% of the population is wearing a high visibility protective clothing.

"Then out of the blue, I was contacted by a complete stranger." Euge continued. "The man had found my wallet; used LinkedIn to locate me and subsequently made contact. I could not believe my luck! A few days later we met up and he returned my wallet and its entire contents. I was touched by his kindness. This honest gentleman refused the cash from my wallet or any other form of compensation. He needed no thanks, he explained as he had only done what he was sure I would do in similar circumstances."

Isn't this a super story? Every day we hear about dishonest and devious behaviours and yet Euge had experienced the exact opposite. He'd encountered a decent, honest and genuine human being. Now I can't speak for others, but when I joined LinkedIn, having valuable lost property returned to me was not a benefit I'd immediately foreseen. Perhaps this business social media site is relatively new or unfamiliar to you? If so, isn't developing a network even more worthwhile now? For the more connected, doesn't this brighten your day and add a whole new dimension to "savvy networking! And whether you're a LinkedIn-er or not, see problems as opportunities in high viz vests in future! 

#App of the Week

Check out Spotify. Catriona's encouraging me to build new playlists. I've already downloaded the classics of Ludovico Einaudi to Rock Legends Bruce Springsteen and Guns 'n Roses. You can play tunes on your devices offline anytime. Spotify could save you a fortune. There's even a 30-day Free Trial!

Ted Talk 

Actually it's a TedX. "Everything you need to know about composting is wrong." This made me smile over my Aussie smashed avo (that's avocado) brekkie this morning.  Click here for what's new on The Confidence Blog. 


Hooroo is a distinctively Australian way of saying "goodbye." So that's it from Mackay in sunny Queensland. Of course if you need me, just drop me a line. Otherwise, till next time. Ever Positive, Eilidh

* "Eilidh-ism: a spark of positive wisdom, which often makes you smile and always warms your heart..." Dr Geraldine Masson

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