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Networking, How to be the Director of First Impressions

Eilidh Milnes

My good friend and colleague Derek Arden's writes daily executive briefings. One is below. Derek's exploring the concept of being a director of first impressions. I was tickled pink when Dawn Beshorner dubbed me with with this title too! 

Smiling is contagious

"It's amazing that suddenly the sun is out and people are smiling at each other. I often bump into  people who say I wish I had done this, I wish I had done that....why wish? It's never too late. The challenge is that talk doesn't make things happen - only action does. If you want to do something, what is stopping you do it? Don't die with the music inside you - leave your legacy for others. Write your book, give your skills free to a charity, go round the world - whatever it is - just do it.

Do you have a 'Director of First Impressions' 

As you know first impressions are critical to the success of everything you do. Speaking in Perth, Western Australia I came across a company who had a Director of 1st Impressions - she used to be called the receptionist. However her job description and title had been changed to make sure that everybody created a fantastic 1st Impression for every customer.

Leadership is about leading people to greater things. Realising talent, giving people responsibility to make things happen. Why not give your people a great title and more responsibility. We had the attached badge made for several companies we were working with - when the goal was to up the profits, up the communication and up the confidence of the team.
Having got the job by creating a great first impression to the management of this US TV station.  This newsreader went on live TV and blew his first impression with the first two words, which also got him fired. Want to know what happened? Click here.
Will apprenticeships replace degrees? Can you do this job and achieve this result? This is what leaders really want to know. "Seven years of experience" can mean seven years of mediocre performance. If you can pass an exam in six months why would you spend 3 years at University. With NLP training - in 10 days of intensive laser focused training, you can learn more about practical psychology, than you might do in a year, on a degree course. 
FOOD FOR THOUGHT - "You get promoted in the workplace based on outstanding performance, not by academic  qualifications. Too many people are educated and incompetent, and many are formally uneducated but brilliant." Alan Weiss. When we learn, we earn!

How can you increase your charisma?

Some people think, that Charisma skills are like subjects such as negotiating skills and reading body language, you are born with the skills and they can't be learned. Of course we know that is nonsense. These are skills that can be learned, honed and developed. If you take action.
Yes - some people are naturally better at these skills than others. However there are a number of things you can do to increase your charisma. These will increase your effectiveness in getting things done through people, getting on with people and enjoying yourself more.

Here are some ideas

1. Have a good self-image. The way you think about yourself. Remember how you think is a choice that only you can make.
2. Be careful how you carry yourself. Confident body language.
3. Have a good wardrobe. Upgrade it. Apparently most people only wear 20% of the clothes we have at home anyway
4. Care how you dress. Dress for success. People take notice of people who look good.
5. Hang around with winners, not losers. Their energy is infectious.
6. Many people have so called friends who dump their negative toxic energy. Be careful.
7. Become more fit. Make fitness a lifestyle. When people are fit they exude more energy, a positive aura created by endorphines produced.
8. Upgrade how you communicate."
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