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Eilidh Milnes

Eilidh Milnes Speaker for Confidence in Chicago

Speaking for LaSalle in Chicago last week was wonderful whirlwind. I now understand why Frank Sinatra referred to The Windy City as his kinda town. In one word, the trip was... awesome!

As a professional speaker, I'm aware that nowadays clients value a speaker who is willing deliver more than just their keynote. So in addition to my talk, I offered to address the North America Board and ran a complimentary networking workshop.

Turn Information into Possibilities

And this leads me to this edition's confidence strategy; turn information into possibilities. By that I mean, look for ways to stay connected using relevant articles of interest to share; ideally using the prospect's preferred method of contact; be that text, email, Whatsapp, Facebook messenger or other social media.

And that's exactly what Jamie Webster did on LinkedIn yesterday. I was delighted when he shared 7 Steps to Success in Content Marketing with me. It's a blog by Derrick a copywriter and marketer. What Jamie had spotted was Derryck's good example of an elevator pitch, which is something I train on. Jamie turned this information into an opportunity to reconnect. Using LinkedIn, he created a possibility. Now that's clever! Jamie is back on my radar.

Whether or not you're in business, showing an interest in others is put simply, polite. We all like to feel valued, interesting and most of all.... remembered?

Click here for more on the new blog.

Ted Talk  

This time around it's a talk by BJ Miller about compassionate healthcare at the end of life. This offers a different perspective on hospitals and hospices and well worth a tune in. I like how he encourages us to lift our sights on wellbeing; to make life more wonderful rather than just less horrible. 

Fun Stuff 

Well as someone loves animals, this made me smile  I think he's keeping an eye on us!


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