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Eilidh Milnes

In the week of American Independence celebration, it's timely to highlight how Barack Obama had to deal with a heckler at the White House recently. He told a guest at the LGBT event, "It's not respectful to heckle someone when invited to their home... hey, listen, you're in my house... and you're not going to get a good response by interrupting me like this," he concluded. 

Despite The President's patient attempts to talk to the heckler, the man had to be removed by security staff.  Now what can you learn from this? Well being the consummate confident professional, The President waited till the loud-mouth was removed.  He respected his audience, cleverly playing them using humour. He soon had the people right behind him, even chanting his name. What a turn around! Whatever his politics I'd be a fan of The President. His talent, charisma and power as speaker are exceptional. If you aspire to be a better presenter, study President Barack Obama. And very best wishes for a happy holiday weekend to all American readers!

President PSA

Last year in my Presidential Handover Speech, I drew a PSA parallel to the Invictus Games. As a former military family we embrace the Invictus spirit. I personally have huge respect for the participants, who despite wanting to be first over the finish line, often hang back so that they can cross the line with their competitors. This philosophy deeply resonates with me. It's how my fab friend Jane Gunn and I viewed our role as the first ever co-presidents of an international speaking association.  We were collaborators not competitors; working together in a new opportunity. I learned at last week's board meeting, how my beloved PSAUKI is flourishing. I am proud of the members and officers alike. Many of the strategies Jane and I introduced have proved to be winners. I'm thrilled. Just as I was to learn last week that young sporting icon, Lewis Hamilton has been named the first Invictus Games Ambassador. Total respect! 

Fun Stuff

Three of my web faves are the Cat in a microlite a not to be outdone, a zero gravity dog and Tama the Cat who saved a Japanese railway station. Enjoy the clicks.

Ted Talk

This week I had the joy to be interviewed by Lenke Gourdie. We talked about confidence, motivation and wellbeing. On Tuesday, I asked her to share her fave Ted Talk and here it is: The Art of Being Yourself.

App of the week

During the lunchtime break at my networking course last week, we shared our top tunes via Spotify. It's great to get excited by the little things!  I've got a whole new playlist thanks to Marley and Claire! I know I've recommended this App before, however Spotify deserves a rewind. 

Okaydokee, that's it for now. If you need to talk just call, I'd love to hear from you on +44 7876 786784 Remember happy people are productive people, as I explain on the interview.  Ever Positive, Eilidh 
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