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Jumping for Joy!

Eilidh Milnes
Jumping for joy

Under Pressure?

How often do you feel under pressure to meet targets and time constraints?

Do you find yourself wishing that you had time to do your job properly? Do you think that your school, boss, team or colleagues could be more supportive? Your personal wellbeing and the success of your organisation depend upon the proper and effective use of time, and the way you react to pressure.

Today about 50 per cent of women in the Western world work

 In the UK, one in five families is headed by a solo woman as against one in 50 headed by a solo man. When we consider the gender facts it is frightening especially when so many teachers are women. While both men and women have it tough in the workplace, these statistics highlight the plight of a large proportion of female workers.

Work/Life balance

Joy, a retired head teacher, should give you inspiration. 
"In my opinion, much stress is a result of poor organisation both personal and institutional, with the institutional being the main component.
As a head, I was very keen to develop a strong team spirit where everyone was aware of school issues and felt involved in decision making. Mutual support and respect were expected and everyone shared a joint responsibility for behaviour for every child, not just their own class. This meant children felt secure and behaviour (which can be a major stress issue) was always being monitored. ìTo maintain team spirit we often did things together and one Inset day was always set aside for fun! We did things from walking in the hills to flying to Amsterdam (to look at the art, of course). 
Much stress is inflicted by external agencies and as a leader, I felt it was important to only do those things that would be helpful to us and not jump in with both feet when new initiatives were introduced. For example, we were a high achieving English school so did not incorporate all the literacy strategy when it was introduced. We included only bits that might improve us further and lots of long useless staff meetings were avoided."

Amsterdam, Dublin or New York?

Why not have your team meeting in Dublin or Amsterdam? What a great opportunity to team build and have shared experiences. Would you feel special and worthy if your next staff training day was in Paris? If not, why not?

What I find amazing is that people do the same things over and over again and yet expect different results. How bizarre is that? Why continue to have unproductive meetings? To get different results, you need to see and do things differently and go to places you have never been! My Confidence Strategies have been developed in response to a tremendous need to create working environments that are stimulating, rewarding and balanced. 

Three simple tips to a big difference...

  1. List your personal commitments in order of importance, eg family, extended family, friends, relaxation, hobbies or leisure activities.
  2. Break down your working day into categories such as business or topic development, internal meetings, seminars and so on. Make a comprehensive list.
  3. Improve your habits. We all make to-do lists... Now create a to STOP list e.g.

  • Stop checking email every hour - how's about at 9am and 5pm only?
  • Stop watching too much television.
  • Stop drinking that extra glass of alcohol.
  • Stop forwarding unnecessary emails.
  • Stop attending unnecessary meetings.
  • Stop the pity parties (meeting up with negative moaning people)
  • Stop eating lunch on the job - remove yourself from your location. 

Start taking time to eat a nutritious meal instead of a snack. Walk to a restaurant, the fresh air will  help your creative processes. Think European! Eat like an Italian! You will be far less stressed, more focused and productive. Go jump for joy!