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How Flexible Are YOU?

Eilidh Milnes

In recent weeks, we've been recording a new Radio Show / Podcast Series called Confidence, Collaboration Growth! And the first one to reach YouTube this week is "Flexibility" with Cathy O'Dowd. And you can read the full recording transcription here.

Why Do You Need to Be Flexible?

"The reason why I love the concept of flexibility is it’s not what people expect from mountaineering. People look at mountaineering and Everest and it’s this symbol about achieving goals and conquering summits and it’s all about being terribly focused and driven and one step in front of another and ever upwards, never look back, never quit, eye on the summit. A lot of that is nonsense. That is not how it works. Frankly, a climber who approaches it like that is making some very risky choices. 

Mountaineers require flexibility because the mountain is this difficult, dangerous, changeable environment that we can’t fully control, we can’t fully predict. You’ve got to be thinking flexibly all the time. What are the snow conditions like? What are the weather conditions like? How am I doing myself emotionally, physically? How is the rest of my team doing? You need to be able to look at your route and go, ‘Is this the right choice for this moment? Should the plan change as we get up to date information about what’s really happening around us?’ You spend a lot of time on a mountain going backwards. It’s partly that you have to acclimatise. The higher you go the less oxygen there is. Your body is basically slowly failing and there are ways of getting round that but they require going back down and giving your body time to adjust before you make another push..." Cathy O'Dowd.

There are so many parallels in business and in life in general. Tune in for more! 

Just for the Love of It!

Cathy has kindly offered 2 copies of her book "Just for the Love of It." Fancy a copy? Act now - drop us a line! with book in the subject box. Easy Peasy :)

Talking writers, best selling author and tech. columnist for the New York Times, David Pogue shares his Top 10 Time Saving technology tips for your gadgets. You might also enjoy his "Simplicity Sells" talk. 

OK, that's it for today.  Want to read more? Then check out The Confidence Blog or catch up on Back Copies of Confidence Strategies. 

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