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How do You View time?

Eilidh Milnes

So there we were, sitting in Cafe Sol in Fulda waiting for Rita Blum to arrive. We had agreed 5pm and Heidi, Jay and myself were there with time to spare. Rita turned in at 5.34. Isn't it interesting how different people view time keeping; and the creativity of their excuses! OK this was a social get together and Rita is a good friend so we have learned that Rita operates on Blum time! 

However, what about business? In my book The Diversity Dashboard, I explain time preferences between say Arabic, Asian and Europeans. In brief, Brits and Americans expect you to respect an agreed appointment. You'll ruffle feathers and more than likely experience disapproval if you turn in late for a meeting. 

Old School

My mother's advice was, "Always be on time Eilidh. If you're late it implies that think you are more important than others." She'd end with, "And you are not... young lady!" I knew then that I'd do well to heed her advice!

Excerpt for You

Do you find time a challenge (I do hope our son Kyle is reading this!) or would like to better understand cultures, then you might find my new book research useful. Just drop me a line for a copy of the document. 

Be Professional

If you're in a business in a Western setting today, I encourage you make first class time management a target for 2017. The reward? A a reduction is stress and anxiety. Prepare and plan so that you arrive ahead of time; ideally 10 minutes in advance. This window allows you to gather your thoughts. Plus being sharp, makes you to look organised, professional and considerate. 

A Four-letter Word?

Should the worst happen and you are delayed, then call ahead. I learned this phrase years ago. "I am running behind schedule and aim to be with you in 12 minutes." Note I did not say late! The wording makes it sound as though you have your delay under control. Personally I don't "do late". I see late like a four-letter word! In the eyes of many it's simply rude. In short, respect your time and that of others. 

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