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Go the Extra Mile

Eilidh Milnes

The Speaker, Susan Luke-Evans Said...

"Go the Extra Mile... it's Not a Busy Place." And I quickly made a note to write a blog post using this as the theme. Cos it's true isn't it? The majority of people simply do what is expected of them; what's in the job description, no more no less. And yet when you make a conscious decision to do more, deliver more, give more what a wonderful difference it makes.

It's Never Crowded 

How do you feel when you do more than is expected of you? I'd suggest you feel motivated. And results from a recent survey states what motivates us most:
  1. Camaraderie = 20%
  2. Desire to a good job = 17%
  3. Recognition and encouragement = 13%
  4. Making real impact = 10%
  5. Professional growth = 8%
  6. Serving client needs = 8%
  7. Money and beliefs = 7%
  8. Positive senior management = 4%
  9. Belief in the company = 4%
  10. Other = 9%

So How Far and Fast Will You Run? 

And this makes me think of Lorna who  organises and runs free after school clubs for disadvantaged children. She never questions her time. She knows that the youngsters are safer in the club than on the street. And grandparents Brian and Angela who visit their local school every week to help in any way they can - usually by sitting listening to the young people read and being a mentor to them. Listening is a hugely underrated skill. "We do it because we can, and because we love to help... " says Angela.
If like me you run your own company, what extra service or support do you give to your clients? I enjoy surprising my customers by over-delivering. I run fast; often offering support before they spot they need it! My clients are very appreciative and funnily enough I'm never short of business. 

Share praise...

One thing you can do immediately is  praise others... and yourself. Go out of your way to catch people doing things right, go the extra mile to be what I love to call "a good finder." Find the good and big it up! This isn't blue sky thinking, this is common sense! However like much common sense it is not necessarily common practice. 
So in short, what simple act will you do, to go the extra mile today?
More on Forbes. And more on the corporate storyteller, Susan Luke-Evans. 
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