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Find your Inner Tigger

Eilidh Milnes

I feel as though I've been MIA i.e. missing in action. Our recent trip to Australia was fraught with frustration. In fact, it can be described by one four letter word... WAIT! Perhaps the seven hour delay out of Heathrow was the harbinger of doom. Despite the fact that we were in the lounge, plied with bites and bubbles and surrounded by interesting people, nearly eight hours is a long time for even a patient man like Jay. I'll spare you all the details just and simply headline: 

1. illness knocked us off our feet (Jay needed a CT scan) 
 2. killer antibiotics 
3. cyclone Debbie gusting at 256 KPH  
4. Bruce Highway cut - no airport access 
5. A six hour lay over in Brisbane 
6. A three hour flight delay in Kuala Lumpur 
7. missed train - costs of extra flights and train not covered by insurance 
And the list goes on and on... So, what do you do in such circumstances?

Find Your Inner Tigger!

Kyle and Catriona say I'm like "Tigger on Speed!" - the Winnie the Pooh character that is always full of ideas and enthusiasm. Well there's no doubt that yours truly is wired with more than your average positive energy. Yet even I was finding it hard to banish negativity. I wanted to blame someone for spoiling our precious time with our daughter. Was last year when she was in hospital not bad enough?! More on that visit here: "Are You putting on a Brave Face?

Then I gave myself a good talking to. After all it's not what happens to you in life that counts, it's how you react to situations.  So I decided to dig deep to find my inner tigger. If you feel that life is not playing fair, you can either get bitter or get better. I focused on others less fortunate. When I learned of the bravery of poor folks, who had lost their homes and livelihoods in the storms, my situation suddenly seemed insignificant.

When you acknowledge that there is someone worse off that yourself, remove any blame culture and take action to dig yourself out of the doldrums you can reverse your negative feelings. Distraction helps too.  In my case it was the making of multiple batches of scones! More on this LinkedIn post, "A True Story.., How to Stay Positive in Tough Times."

Stories provide valuable learning points. You really can turn a negative into a positive. This travel tale may well be embellished and enhanced on conference stages in the future; especially when I'm speaking in Australia!

Leaders like Richard Branson's know the value of telling stories.  Enjoy this article when he shares his Top 10 Quotes on Storytelling. Plus this edition's Ted Talk is Rory Sutherland's "Perspective is everything." He explains how the circumstance of our lives may matter less than how we see them.

Copy for Clients

I love to write articles. Here's one that was commissioned by Crowe Clark Whitehill's Foundations Magazine, "You've got no mail! How you can avoid being a slave to the little white envelope." If you need copy, content or comment please drop me a line.

Thank you. 

That's it for this edition. Want to read more? Then check out what's new on The Confidence Blog or Back Copies of Confidence Strategies.#EverPositive Eilidh

PS We eventually enjoyed fab four days with Catriona in Melbourne! The only "waiting" was in restaurants!  #WeLoveMelbourne :)