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Dare ya! Be Different! Success, Goals and Choices

Eilidh Milnes
Dare ya! Say Yes

It's all about choice 

When I jump out of bed at 5.57 it’s a conscious decision to make the most of each day. I love to beat the 6am alarm! As my feet hit the floor my engine’s revving, I’m running to keep up with my thoughts; eager to get the day started. I believe that everyone can be more positive, more confident and as a result more happy. It’s all down to choice. It’s up to each and every one of us to decide on our mood, our perspective and our actions each day and every hour.

The Issue with Priorities Plural
Interestingly, when the word priority came into the English language in the 1400s, it was singular. Think for a moment; what did it mean? The answer is the prior or the very first thing. What's interesting is it stayed singular for about another 500 years. It wasn't until the 1900s that people came up with priorities plural. Can you really have a multiple of very first things?

So with this in mind, write down your most important five tasks for tomorrow. Then circle the top one. Write down your priority on a Post-it note. Stick it on your computer or within your vision. Schedule a ninety-minute window to work on that priority and claim it as the first success of the day. More on The Most Powerful Productivity Word is No!  

Any excuse will do

Many people give 'time' as their reason or excuse for not doing things. Why would you do that? If you really want to achieve things, manage your time. Although I speak, train and coach on time management, to a certain extent I don’t believe it even actually exists! We all have one life. We are born. We die. In the middle each day has 24 hours. So what you do with it, is a choice, surely it's not down to 'management'. Is it? Mmm that’s got you thinking….

Give yourself a time bonus 

Start earlier and organise your day on purpose and with purpose. Plan and list build so that when you waken up you know exactly what needs to be done first. Prioritise and focus on your high-payoff activity. Delegate, delegate, delegate! Bin procrastination. You can always make more money but you can never claw back lost or wasted time. It’s the most precious and limited resource you have. Time is a fossil fuel. It's not a renewable. More tips here.

Dare ya! Be different!

I also believe that everyone has the seeds of greatness within. My talent and purpose as a professional motivational speaker is to help clients achieve and believe in themselves; to validate their dreams and goals –– both in their personal and professional lives –– and to help them unleash the potential that already exists within them, their teams and organisations. It’s my gift and skill to help them in their daring quests to be more fulfilled and different, to see and believe in the change they want to bring about... starting today...

A Highly Recommended Ted Talk 

I’m really not a detail lover or statistics aficionado. However, after watching this Ted Talk by Hans Rosling on global issues, suddenly data and stats are fascinating and irresistible. Many thanks to Christine Price of Dairy Crest for sharing this video.

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