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Confidence in Early Years Education, What Teachers Do

Eilidh Milnes

What does a Teacher Do?

I came across this attention grabbing image on a an excellent blog for those involved in early years education, thanks to my friend and speaker colleague from Yorktown Virginia, Hayley Foster.  The blog is the work of June O'Sullivan.  Here's a snippet:

"Let’s begin at the beginning because to understand how best to teach small children we need to understand how they develop and learn; quite different things!  Set this in a context that children develop at their own pace so there is no point in teaching them to hold a pencil if they have not developed the physical grasp and coordination skills needed to do so competently. We have to be able to recognise the stages needed to get a child to be able to move from learning how to use his hands and fingers to learning to mark make and eventually learn to write. We also need to understand how the learning is being processed so we can recognise the characteristics of effective learning in the children. Are the children willing to explore and have a go? Can they get involved and concentrate on an activity? Do they have their own ideas and the ability to pursue those ideas?  This may be a little toddler finding their favourite posting box and continuing to practice getting the right shapes into the right holes or a brave three year old getting on their scooter over and over until they can keep it upright and eventually scoot with aplomb. We then have to work within a pedagogical framework which articulates the art and science of teaching that we believe will lead a child to learning. That means taking account of every element of what we do from home to nursery and within the wider community..."

As someone who speaks and trains in education as well as business, I find June's content compelling. It seems we share a passion to make a difference in schools. I love to speak on "Seeing Things Differently – Creating the Vision to Utilise the Power of Difference." 

Read more on June's blog

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