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Clear the clutter, energy drains and site refresh

Eilidh Milnes

Energy Drains 

Nothing drains your energy more than messy surroundings. Start at home; get rid of anything that causes clutter. Clothes you haven't worn for over a year; ornaments hiding in the back of closets; junk that accumulates in drawers. Be brutal! All this 'stuff' blocks your effectiveness, so take control. Donate items to charity, have a garage sale, or sell on eBay.

Website Refresh

At work apply the same principle. Clear your desk and your files of anything that's eighteen months old or more. Archive it all and keep your immediate environment filled only with current, important things. If you're not good at this task, delegate it to someone who is. Or in my case, marry a marvellous man who can!  Remember your electronic storage too; all our gadgets get filled with junk. Today's the day to start or schedule your hard drive deep cleanse and spring-clean.  

We've 'virtually' taken our own good advice thanks to David Abbott, a marketing and business expert who suggested I review my site using Google Page Speed Insights and Lohith Gowdra for helping me to prioritise and implement the tasks.

Clear desk policy

I know that my friend and colleague Chris Davidson takes this policy very much to heart. He's an ex-IBM Director, who still adheres to clearing his desk every night.  He's walking the walk and talking the talk of IBM to this day and I have total respect for his self-discipline.

Eilidh's Top Tip #TripleF

Let me share my FFF - Fab Friday Feeling  #TripleF It's easy. Simply empty your inbox every Friday. Here's how:
  • Save all your email into files, 
  • Flag,
  • Create a new folder entitled "Next week" which is your weekly priority items (actioned or emptied each Friday). 
  • Delete your inbox!
  • Delete every Friday!
  • This is non-negotiable!
Chris Davidson commented on 27-Aug-2014 02:38 PM
It's true Eilidh, the "clean desk policy" is a good idea. That said, it can lead to many piles of paper on the floor...

We know have a new "workflow" in the office. In addition to a desk for each person, there is a central project table on which the current (open) projects are stacked. You can take work off that table and onto you own desk and once you've finished work on that project, it goes back onto the project table. This means that each person is only ever working on one (big) thing at time. Really maximises efficiency - give it go.

Eilidh Milnes Speaker for Confidence commented on 27-Aug-2014 03:13 PM
Great idea Chris.

And the piles on the floor - oh yes I forgot to mention those :) however I do limit myself to four!

Your workflow idea reminded me of a conversation I had with Kyle not so long ago...

As someone who considers herself an adept multi-tasker I listened intently as Kyle discussed the merits and demerits of task switching.

In brief, Kyle aims to protect his team from interruptions and distractions by being the guy to field requests and queries. This way his IT team can stay focused on their projects and "big things."

At the same time, they keep a scratch pad to note down ideas, suggestions and interests. Then as time becomes available, they can contribute and take on fresh work that interests them.

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