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Bulldog Spirit

Eilidh Milnes
Go Bulldog!

What Does This Image Convey To You?

I'm pretty confident that it won't mean the same as it does to me. You see this photo makes me think of my daughter! And now you are probably wondering why...

Stubborn, Determined and Never Gives Up!

Our daughter, Catriona (aka Cat) now in her mid-20s seems to have the gene which scientists use to explain stubborn and bullheaded behaviour. It's estimated that some one-third of the UK population has the gene mutation which researchers say is nature's way of ensuring there are always some who 'shall never surrender'. From her early days of falling off her horse and getting back on and always being prepared to try again, it was clear she was not a quitter. Although I have to add, she was not always confident just damned determined!

The Great Australian Adventure

So when Cat came home from college, aged 18 to announce that she intended to pass on her university place and instead requested help to fund a return airline ticket and visa to Australia; it didn't come as a huge surprise. She had already organised herself a job, accommodation and a travelling companion!

Historical Greats

The researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences in Germany say historical greats such as Lord Nelson, Sir Winston and suffragette leader Emily Pankhurst (a heroine to Cat) probably had the same gene that our daughter has inherited.
"Where would we be without those few individuals who refuse to accept defeat and who continue to soldier onwards when common sense tells the rest of mankind that there's no use trying?" said Dr Tilmann Klein, one of the authors of the study.

Be Part of the 30%

About 30 per cent of the population has the A1 gene mutation, which researchers say, leaves individuals less able to make use of the brain chemical dopamine, which plays a key role in learning. People with the flawed gene have fewer D2 receptors - cells which help the brain use dopamine - and so find it hard to learn from their mistakes.

Go Bulldog!

This means that rather than accept failure, they will keep trying. People without the mutant gene will 'learn' from their mistakes and stop trying. Don't know about you, but I'm going to Go Bulldog! Act like Cat. And be mutant! 

Click here for more of Cat's adventures. 

Ever Positive, Eilidh

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