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Brush it Off

Eilidh Milnes
Brush it off

Dealing with Difficult Situations

If there is one piece advice I'd share when it comes to working in teams, is communicate everything. I've witnessed occasions where people had comments been made to them about other colleagues or when something has gone wrong. If you realize the someone else has made a mistake – you’ve got to be able to say that to them. Both of you have to realize that you work together and you’re learning together. 

No Permission

And the phrase that pays harking back to my time of creating and delivering programmes for Cheshire Constabulary, it is this. "I do not give you permission to upset me today"! When you're in a tough situation, when you're feeling annoyed with someone, the one person you can control is you. In fact, you are the only person you can control. You may be able to influence others and bring about a short-term change of behaviour, however the best way to bring about long-term change is to modify your own way of thinking. Learn to stand back and reflect - paint a different picture in your mind. 

Ride the Rollercoaster

You have to learn to brush off harsh remarks and sarcastic comments. Colleagues will question your judgement at times. Family will get involved and your motives may well be held to account. Emotional ups and downs are guaranteed and you'll have to ride that rollercoaster, However, just remember that people have seldom set out to spite you. They are not doing things against you per sae. They are simply doing things for themselves.