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Be Visible! Be Different! Be Contagious!

Eilidh Milnes

If I had a wish for you it would be stop hiding behind your fabulousness. Many people, especially women are loath to speak up their skills and qualities tending to play them down to be on the safe side. 

It's a fact that when you perform any skill successfully, you generate confidence and become more willing to attempt more difficult tasks. So ladies and gentlemen go out into the world and volunteer to:
  • Organise an event,
  • Deliver back a report,
  • Chair a working party,
  • Make a speech at retirement or leaving party.
  • Be visible! Be different! Believe in yourself! And if you need more tips simply download "How to Increase your Visibilty."
  • Be a Confidence Magnet

Confidence is related to personality

And those who exude self-confidence across s range of contexts e.g. work, socially and sports are confidence magnets. Positive self-talk affirms that you possess the abilities, attitudes and beliefs that are the building blocks of success. The statements you choose need to be vivid, should roll off the tongue, and be practiced well in advance. Most of all they must be totally believable. You should use these as mantras particularly in the low-confidence situations.  I urge you to use TGIF! However TGIF does not stand for Thank Goodness It's Friday!

Let me explain...

I visit Australia each year, both for work and to visit our daughter Catriona. Last August she gave me a parting gift with the following instructions. "Do not use this where it is intended mum. Take it. Share it with your audiences. Tell them it ís a gift from both of us. Make a great story out of it. Get your delegates up on their feet in your own inimitable fashion". Guessed what she gave me yet? Yes, a black apron emblazoned Thank Goodness I'm fabulous!

The Taste of Success

Smile at this page now! Shout aloud, Thank Goodness I', fabulous! And mean it. I start each day talking kind thoughts to my mirror. I often say, ìHello Gorgeous!î And you can too. When you do, notice the "taste of success"in your mouth; seeing, hearing, feeling, and smelling your fabulous self.  Notice exactly how you feel, so that you can reproduce this at will whenever your confidence is waning. Rest assured not everyone will be so upbeat. Some will try to ambush your positive spirit. Set yourself up for the day by creating a happy atmosphere for the people you live with. As you go about your day, spread your fabulous presence with your colleagues and co-workers.

Even if Lady Luck isn't Shining

This article should have convinced you that self-confidence is not solely in the hands of fate. Even when Lady Luck isn't shining, you are the person responsible for determining how confident you feel in any encounter. Ideas for promoting confidence range from the simple principles of understanding what causes confidence to wane, to the techniques of visualisation and positive self-talk. Adopt a "can do" attitude, use inspirational music to raise your game and any other trick you hold in your self-belief toolbox. As Vince Lombardi said" "Confidence is contagious!"

Just for fun! Enjoy this brilliant short clip thanks to my friend and colleague Steve Clarke  who shared this link on Facebook. BBC Video: "My blackberry in not working... "

Ever Fabulous... and Positive, Eilidh

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