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Be Outstanding for 15 Minutes per Day

Eilidh Milnes

bright yellow canoe on a lake

Outstanding for 15 minutes!

As a student I hitch-hiked from Glasgow (Scotland) to Athens (Greece) in a mere five days; a distance of some 2,397 miles. I travelled with my good friend Barbara Robertson and we targeted BMW, Audi and Mercedes cars as our preferred modes of transport. If you have a ling journey ahead of you, why not do it in style and comfort? Besides we soon found that the owners were happy to feed us at regular intervals in exchange for free English lessons! This arrangement proved to be a winner all round.

Looking back, I recall that what now seems madness, was to us an exciting time. We'd didn't a detailed plan, just a big goal of reaching Athens within a week. We felt like true adventurers; made all the more exciting because our parents really didn't know what we were up to! They would no doubt have stopped us! So we struck out on our own, full of the confidence of youth.  Imagine how thrilled we were to arrive at the Parthenon just in time to witness a surprise dress rehearsal of the opera 'Aida' and if that wasn't enthralling enough, that night we slept under the stars at the Acropolis. 

I'd be horrified if our children copied us today as the world is a very different place. The idyllic Greek island of Kos that we used as our base for several weeks is now a haven for refugees. The world has changed. However I would not have missed our epic road-trip for anything. And although safety and circumstances when it comes to two teenage girls hitchhiking across Europe have altered; fundamentally nothing has changed in my attitude to risk taking; I still love travelling with friends and having fun. And if I can piggy-back work onto global experiences and share my knowledge from platforms to board rooms, then I am living a life with purpose.

What can you learn from this tale? 

Would you like to know my success formula? Well it's simple:
  • embrace risk taking
  • develop challenging goals
  • set high standards
  • do things others don't/won't do
  • be willing to change 

15 Minutes Per Day Challenge

I believe that everyone can be outstanding every day. Now take this is context, the military cannot function effectively at a state of permanent red alert and you cannot be outstanding 24/7. However I put it to you that anyone and everyone has the possibility to  be outstanding for 15 minutes per day. You merely have to plan and chose to be so. Take this a challenge! Amaze yourself! Benefit others! 

Be a Yellow Canoe!

Watch Mark Bezos: A life lesson from a volunteer firefighter. Just like the vibrant yellow canoe in the image above Mark certainly is standing out. And you can be outstanding as some point in your day, all it takes is a bit of planning, choosing to excel in some area of your life and being prepared to get noticed. Wouldn't it be great each day if you could catch yourself doing things right? Go on! I dare you! Say y yes!