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Be bold and brave!

Eilidh Milnes

Be bold and brave

Many people settle for sensible - sensible shoes, sensible jobs, sensible lives. However there is a tremendous power is deciding not to settle for sensible. Actor Michael J. Fox has struggled with Parkinson’s disease for over twenty years. He says about life, “Everyone gets their own bag of hammers," and in my opinion he is absolutely right. It is up to each and everyone of us to knock the nails in! Each of us has a choice.

Walking on the wild side of life can be hugely rewarding. For over ten years a construction engineer I know well, has been working in post-conflict arenas. He says that living life on the edge keeps him challenged, alert and physically fit. He does a worthwhile job that many people cannot or will not do. His birth certificate, proves he is a pensioner, but by living life to the full he feels, looks and acts like a man ten years younger. Another client, has rheumatoid arthritis and has experienced body shape changes. She says, "You don't care about the deformities after a while, I think it's part of you, it makes you who you are, it's you, it's your life map, it's made you who you are. Why should you deny what you are?" Be bold and brave because sometimes you have to be. Remove any roadblocks by action and charge down your insecurities.

Now you may not want to work in foreign lands or face the challenges of disabilities, however what could you do to push yourself out of your comfort zone? There may be people who'll want to rain on your parade and say "You can't do that!" Prove them wrong. In order to achieve anything you have to be willing to fail. Why should you settle for sensible every day? I don't know where you will find your glory moments. But whatever you decide to do, believe me it's a great way to be alive!  As Paulo Coelho said, "Be brave. Take Risks. Nothing can substitute experience."

* "Eilidhism: a little spark of positive wisdom, which often makes you smile and always warms your heart..." Dr Geraldine Masson

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