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Advanced Networking Skills - Be a Source Not a Reservoir

Eilidh Milnes

A Source... not a Reservoir

Sitting snugged up in a chilly UK. It's freezing, dull and grey outside and looking forward to enjoying Australian sunshine again.


Be a Thermostat 

And so I find myself recalling a fabulous conference on the Gold Coast (affectionately known in Oz as 'The Goldie') that I had the privilege to address. How through some clever networking I ended up speaking in Australia. I used an advanced search on LinkedIn to connect with contacts in Brisbane (Brizzie). Bought them coffee or in some cases breakfast (brekkie) and within 2 years had developed relationships that secured the engagements I was seeking!
And so my mind skips again, this time to when I was a delegate, not the keynote speaker. The presenter on that occasion, made a statement that struck a chord with me. He said, “Be a thermostat not a thermometer...” I have reflected on his words many times.

  • A thermostat: regulates temperature by switching controls to maintain the flow of heat,
  • A thermometer: is a device that measures temperature.
Are you creating the temperature in your business ... your organisation... your life? Or are you simply going through motions; checking out your life signs. 

Sitting here my external thermometer is registering a chill factor, but in business terms my vital signs are my activity monitor i.e. the increased turnover, number of requests for speaking engagements, number of live proposals and an overflowing inbox. All of these can be boosted by advanced networking skills.

Ask yourself

  • What's your activity monitor reporting? 
  • Is your personal life sizzling with hot projects and ideas? 
  • Are there fresh horizons and reasons to get excited?

Taking Action

My posts are designed as source of ideas - not a reservoir. The objective is to keep my readers connected, to reinforce a presentation or perhaps to prompt readers to review their processes.  For delegates to check that they have followed through on the actions they noted during my presentation; to act as a memory jog for the session interactions. Sharing quality information and ideas in a fun and upbeat manner is the role of a motivational speaker. It is also to prod and provoke, to make you a little uncomfortable, so that you decide to take action.  If you have attended a course or heard speaker this year, have you taken action? Have you followed-through? This is the number one skill of an advanced networker. 

Be Your Own Source

Many Australians have bore water. They a have well on their spreads or properties. They don't depend solely town water or reservoirs and can supplement their needs with rain water tanks. Ask experts, "How long can a person live without water?" Some will say weeks, others will reply a few days or even hours; nobody knows exactly, because human beings are complex and so are the circumstances. What experts do agree on is that a human body is made anywhere from 50% to 70% water and water plays a vital role in your survival.

So it is, with your life. Be a source of ideas for happiness in your life. Be a thermostat to keep the temperature turned up! Part of my role as a speaker and consultant, is to be a "top up source." For me, my function to be a reservoir of ideas and inspiration for my clients.

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