Event bookers and planners - questions to help you plan a successful event.

A typical enquiry reads:

"I would like to know the cost involved for a motivational address to approximately 350 staff, location Sandy Park Southampton. During June this year. Thank you."

"I am hosting a company training day at Mottram Hall on Monday 30 April for all staff, 24 in total. At the end of the day I would like to end with a motivational speech maybe focusing on confidence, to last approx 1xhour. Is this something relevant for your organisation?"

"The conference aims to look at the leadership and management challenges that lie ahead for Cambridgeshire headteachers in ensuring positive educational and personal outcomes for all those associated with our schools and learning institutions, including our young people, staff and, of course, our headteachers themselves. We like to ensure that our delegates leave conference with a positive mindset and who better to help that to happen than 'Captain Positive' herself?!"

Our response?

When your preferred contact method is email, we refer you to this page. Your answers to these will help us to maximise the effectiveness and success of your event and to price it accordingly.

  1. Do you have a specific date?
  2. What type of meeting is it? (annual/quarterly/monthly)
  3. Is there a focus or theme for your event?
  4. Do you hold regular speaking or training events? e.g. conferences, workshops or seminars?
  5. Do you normally use paid, professional presenters for your events?
  6. Who have you used in the past?
  7. Is there a budget we should be aware of? 
  8. Is there anything else you need from us at this stage?
  9. Can we have your name and telephone number please?
Thank you,

Jay Milnes, Managing Director


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